McGill and the North




Susane Havelka – English and French

Ph.D in the Department of Architecture

Research/topics: She is identifying new types of Inuit construction and working with them on finding more sustainable housing solutions.

susane.havelka [at]


Paul Brassard – French and English

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, and Division of Clinical Epidemiology, MUHC

Research/topics: Cancer and Infectious diseases epidemiology. He worked with aboriginal communities of the Quebec Arctic.

paul.brassard [at]


Harriet V. Kuhnlein – Ensligh

Emerita Professor from the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition

Research/topics: She recently chaired an assessment for the Council of Canadian Academies on food security for northern Aboriginal Peoples.

Harriet.v.kuhnlein [at]


Gary Pekeles – English

Director of the Northern and Native Child Health Program and associate professor of pediatrics

Research/topics: The primary focus of his program is on providing specialized tertiary care to children in Inuit, Cree and Mohawk communities in Quebec as well as continuing professional development for nurses and family physicians in those communities.

Gary.pekeles [at]


Mary Ellen Macdonald – English

Assistant Professor, Division of Oral Health and Society, Faculty of Dentistry

Research/topics: Her sustained as well as evolving anthropological program of research focuses on two vulnerable populations with urgent health needs: 1) Aboriginal peoples, especially focused on access to primary care (including palliative care and oral health), and 2) palliative care patients and their families, especially focused on bereavement, non‐cancer patients, and socio‐moral understandings of medicalized dying and the ‘good death’ in Canada.

mary.macdonald [at]


James Gates –

Director of the McGill Health Network office of the RUIS McGill

Research/topics: Clinical care provided to the adult citizens of the North

james.gates [at]


Anne Andermann – English and French

Associate Professor at McGill in Family Medicine and Regional Medical Officer for First Nations and Inuit Health Branch

Research/topics: Public health

anne.andermann [at]




Carmen Sicilia – English and French (HAS PHOTOS)

Director of Career and Professionnal development at the School of Continuing Studies.

Research/topics: She is behind the Education for First Nations and Inuit program. Info on the program:

carmen.sicilia [at]


Donna-Lee Smith – English

Faculty Lecturer in Education

Research/topics: Literacy (children’s books & short stories in Indigenous languages)

donnalee.smith [at]


Steven Jordan – English

Associate Professor and Chair (interim) of Dept of Integrated Studies in Education

Research/topics: He worked with the Cree and Naskapi population.

steven.jordan [at]


Catherine P. Gros – English and French

Assistant Professor, Ingram School of Nursing

Research/topics: Nursing education and research for the development and practice of collaborative, strengths-based, family centered health care. Education and development of frontline care providers for the James Bay Cree, with a focus on nurses and Community Health Representatives.

Catherine.gros [at]




Bruno Tremblay – English and French (HAS PHOTOS)

Associate Professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Research/topics: study of the fresh water and heat budget of the Arctic Ocean and its effect on the density driven ocean circulation; The future of the perennial sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean. He also studies precipitations in the Hudson Bay and its impact on the polar bear survival and the efficiency of Hydro-Québec.

bruno.tremblay [at]


Wayne Pollard – English only

Professor Department of Geography

Science Director of the McGill Subarctic and Arctic Research Stations

Research/topics: Permafrost, Polar Landscape Dynamics, Arctic Climate Change.

wayne.pollard [at]


Richard Janda – English and French

Associate professor at the Faculty of Law

Research/topics: His expertise covers environmental law and economic regulation. Op-ed in the Globe and Mail on the North:

Richard.janda [at]


Andrew Gonzalez - English/French

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Biodiversity Science, Department of Biology

Research/topics: Biodiversity, ecosystems, conservation

andrew.gonzalez [at]


James Ford – English

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography

Research/topics: He leads the Climate Change Adaptation Research Group. He worked on projects focusing on Indigenous peoples and climate change (with a major focus on the Arctic). [at]


Sylvie De Blois – English and French

Interim Director of the School of Environment

Research/topics: biodiversity and climate change.

sylvie.deblois [at]


Jeff Mackenzie – English

Professor at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research/topics: Arctic hydrogeology and permafrost issues.

jeffrey.mckenzie [at]


George Wenzel – English

Professor at the Department of Geography

Research/topics: Inuit-Eskimo Society and Culture. He has been working in Nunavik for over 20 years and the main focus of his present research is food insecurity.

george.wenzel [at]




Sébastien Jodoin – English and French

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law

Research/topics: His expertise covers public policy and governance, environmental law policy and human rights. He can also comment on a sustainable development of the North.

Sebastien.jodoin-pilon [at]


Roussos Dimitrakopoulos – English and Greek

Professor at the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering

Research/topics: Sustainable mineral resource development under uncertainty.

NSerc video about Prof. Dimitrakopoulos’ work

Roussos.Dimitrakopoulos [at]

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