Clerkship Program (Year 3)

We are proud of our Obstetrics and Gynecology clerkship in which McGill medical undergraduate students (clerks) join inter-professional teams in our clinics, birthing centers, units and operating rooms.

During the 6 week clerkship, students will integrate with these teams at the four hospital teaching sites.  They will become familiar with the obstetrics and gynecology specialties and numerous sub-specialties. We have developed a thorough curriculum, exposing students to our evidence-based women’s health care and the state-of-the-art technology on which our reputation has been built.

Xing Zeng, MD, FRCSC
UGME Program Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology Undergraduate Program

Teaching site information

At each teaching hospital site a faculty member will function as the student's Preceptor throughout their clerkship. A list of the Site Administrators can be found on the Contact Us website.

Site Site Director

Program Director


Program Administrator

Royal Victoria Hospital

Dr. Srinivasan Krishnamurthy

Dr. Xing Zeng

Hôpital Royal Victoria
Bureau D05.2568
1001 boulevard Décarie
Montréal, Québec  H4A 3J1
514-934-1934 ext. 35781
ugstudies.obsgyn [at]

Jewish General Hospital

Dr. Jaclyn Madar

St. Mary's Hospital

Dr. Sonia MacFarlane

LaSalle General Hospital

Dr. Francis Engel

Hôpital de Gatineau

Dr. Lionel-Ange Poungui

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