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The Right Chemistry: The history of decaffeinated coffee

14 Sep 2018

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz discusses the history of decaffeinated coffee

How did Margarine Come About?

13 Sep 2018

Emperor Napoleon III offered a prize to anyone who could find "a suitable substance to replace butter for the navy and less prosperous classes." The French chemist Hippolyte Mege-Mouries had...

Living With Half a Brain: Phineas Gage

31 Jul 2018

The Warren Medical Museum in Boston is a fascinating place, named after Dr. John Collins Warren who performed the first surgery under ether anesthesia in 1846. On view is the actual flask that...

A Little Night Magic

4 Jul 2018

All fireworks rely on a combustion process that has three basic requirements: some sort of fuel to burn, a supply of oxygen and a source of energy to initiate the reaction between the fuel and the...

Before the Breathalyzer there was the Drunkometer

4 Jul 2018

The idea of a mechanism to measure the alcohol a person has consumed dates back quite far.

The Most Important Industrial Chemical in the World…and a Lesson Learned

3 Jul 2018

The thick liquid used to be called "oil of vitriol," since it was originally made by the distillation of "green vitriol," or iron sulfate as we know it today.  It was so corrosive and nasty that...

Measles: the plague that ruined Rome

27 Jun 2018

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but from 165-180 CE, up to 2,000 of its citizens were killed per day....