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“Alternative Medicine ” is Not an Alternative to Medicine

27 Feb 2018

The best definition seems to be “those practices that are not taught in conventional medical schools.”  And why not?  Because medical schools are sticklers for a little detail called “evidence.” ...

Before the Left Brain was Logical, it was Male

7 Nov 2017

I recently threw a softball math problem at one of my friends and her response was: “I don’t know, I was never any good at math. I’m more of a right-brain thinker than a left.” The idea that some...

Cream of Tartar

6 Nov 2017

Cream of tartar is close to the heart of any organic chemist because the study of this compound by Louis Pasteur in 1848 was pivotal in leading to the understanding of the three dimensional...

Happy National Magic Day

31 Oct 2017

Halloween is a time when witches fly, black cats prowl and zombies rise from the grave.  But it is also a time for magic.  No, not supernatural charms, spells or incantations but the time honoured...

That’s The Way the Cookie Crumbles

30 Oct 2017

"That's the way the cookie crumbles!"  How often have you heard that expression?  It is usually a statement of disappointment which may be paraphrased as "tough luck."  But why does a cookie...

Sex and Nothing to Show for It

12 Oct 2017

Could your partner ever convince you that you were cheating on them when you had no recollection of the on-going affair?...

Dr. Ralph Steinman: The Nobel Prize Winning Scientist who Became his own Patient

27 Sep 2017

For over 100 years the Nobel Foundation has recognized outstanding individuals for contributions to their respective fields. The rules, however, stipulate that prizes cannot be awarded posthumously...

A Silent Spring

25 Sep 2017

Mention “Silent Spring” and thoughts immediately turn to Rachel Carson’s epic in which she alerted readers to the risks of pesticides. But long before, way back in the 1940s, Australian sheep...

Lies of Leaping Lemmings

2 Aug 2017

You’ve likely heard phrases like ‘don’t be a lemming’, or your run of the mill internet troll scream-typing about how we’re all following our governments ‘like lemmings, over the cliff to our doom!...