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The Enigmatic Dr. Kellogg

13 Jun 2018

It must have been quite a scene.  The little man, no more than five foot four, dressed completely in white, center stage, playing pitch and catch with a chimp.  But there was no ball in sight.  Dr....

Silver Tarnish and Tarnished Claims

23 May 2018

Silver is more than just an object of beauty. It’s the stuff of memories. Prior to digital photography, all picture taking relied on compounds of silver. The reduction of silver ions to metallic...

The Right Chemistry: Mesmer and 'animal magnetism'

23 May 2018

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Mesmer and 'animal magnetism'

The Origins of Soda Water

15 May 2018

In 1874, thirty five men solemnly gathered at a grave sight in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. They had come to lay the foundations for the American Chemical Society, which would eventually become...

Aristotle: The First Real Scientist

17 Apr 2018

What an amazing man Aristotle was! He lived in the third century BC yet he was so influential that his ideas dominated western scientific thought for almost two thousand years. This is especially...

God, Glycerine, Flavouring, and Kosher Coca-Cola

27 Mar 2018

​This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

“Alternative Medicine ” is Not an Alternative to Medicine

27 Feb 2018

The best definition seems to be “those practices that are not taught in conventional medical schools.”  And why not?  Because medical schools are sticklers for a little detail called “evidence.” ...