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Executive Council

Michael David MILLER, Assistant Librarian, Liaison Librarian for LGBTQ+ Studies, French Literature and Economics Humanities and Social Sciences Library, McGill University Library and Archives
michael.david.miller [at] (subject: JBSCE%20Subcommittee%20on%20Queer%20People) | 514-398-7440 | Academic Profile

Meryem BENSLIMANE, Equity Education Advisor (Gender Equity and LGBTQ+ Education), Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Equity and Academic)
meryem.benslimane [at] (subject: JBSCE%20Subcommittee%20on%20Queer%20People) 514-814-6103


Communications Officer

Christopher T. DIETZEL, PhD candidate, Department of Integrated Studies in Education
christopher.dietzel [at] (subject: JBSCE%20Subcommittee%20on%20Queer%20People) | Academic Profile


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Past Chairs

2013-2018 - Lynn KOZAK, Department of History and Classical Studies

2010-2012 - Victor FAN, Department of East Asian Studies

2008-2010 - Robert LECKEY, Faculty of Law

2002-2008 - Gregg BLACHFORD, Student Services

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