Funding Databases


Through the McGill Library, faculty members have access to the Pivot funding opportunities database:

Please note the database is only accessible on campus. is a rich and diverse source of US grant opportunities, offering a postings listserv and a database searchable by categories and agencies. Once you have identified a possible grant, confirm that you are eligible as an applicant from a foreign institution.

Please note that applications must be submitted by your Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) via Any reference to “applicant” implies the Office of Sponsored Research AOR.

Proposal Central

Proposal Central is an e-grantmaking website shared by various government, non-profit, and private grant-making organizations. The service acts as a centralized funding database, grant submission, and reviewer portal for many U.S. based life-science and biomedical research sponsors. Researchers are reminded to check the regulatory criteria of each funding opportunity they are interested in to ensure they are eligible to apply as an applicant from a foreign institution.