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Postdoctoral Unit Contacts

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Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
General Queries gradstudies.macdonald [at] 514-398-7838
MacOGS Office Manager susan.gregus [at] (Susan Gregus) 514-398-7915
Agricultural Economics
Graduate Program Director paul.thomassin [at] (Prof. Paul Thomassin) 514-398-7956
Animal Science
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs roger.cue [at] (Prof. Roger Cue) 514-398-7805
Bioresource Engineering
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs valerie.orsat [at] (Prof. Valerie Orsat) 514-398-7775
Human Nutrition (School of)
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs stan.kubow [at] (Prof. Stan Kubow) 514-398-7754
Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Graduate Program Director ashraf.ismail [at] (Prof. Ashraf Ismail) 514-398-8666
Natural Resource Sciences
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs sebastien.faucher2 [at] (Prof. Sebastien Faucher) 514-398-7886
Parasitology (Institute of)
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs timothy.g.geary [at] (Prof. Timothy Geary) 514-398-7612
Plant Science
Graduate Program Director jean-benoit.charron [at] (Prof. Jean-Benoit Charron) 514-398-5634
Administrative Coordinator/Officer olga.harmazy [at] (Olga Harmazy) 514-398-4300
Art History and Communications Studies
Administrative Coordinator/Officer Maureen.coote [at] (Maureen Coote) 514-398-4933
East Asian Studies
Graduate Program Director grace.fong [at] (Prof. Grace Fong) 514-398-1882
Graduate Program Director matthieu.chemin [at] (Prof. Matthieu Chemin) 514-398-5077
Graduate Program Director tabitha.sparks [at] (Prof. M)michael.vandussen [at] (ichael Van Dussen)


German Studies
Graduate Program Director tove.holmes [at] (P)karin.bauer [at] (rof. Karin Bauer) 514-398-4400
Hispanic Studies
Graduate Program Director amanda.holmes [at] (Prof. Amanda Holmes) 514-398-4400
History and Classical Studies
Graduate Program Director griet.vankeerberghen [at] (Prof. Griet Vankeerberghen) 514-398-4400
ext. 09338
Graduate and Postdoctoral Coordinator MITALI.DAS [at] MCGILL.CA (Mitali Das) 514-398-8365
Information Studies (School of)
Director kamiz.dalkir [at] (Prof. Kamiz Dalkir) 514-398-3368
Islamic Studies
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs director.islamic [at] (Michelle Hartman) 514-398-2918
Italian Studies
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs

giuliana.minghelli [at] (Prof. Giuliana Minghelli)

Jewish Studies
Graduate Program Coordinator jessica.ward2 [at]">Jessica Ward 514-398-3975
Langue et littérature françaises
Graduate Program Director

giuliana.minghelli [at] (Prof. Giuliana Minghelli)

ext. 094953

Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator andria.de_luca [at] (Andria De Luca) 514-398-4222
Graduate Program Director emily.carson [at] (Prof. Emily Carson ) 514-398-6620
Political Science
Graduate Program Director maria.popova [at] (Prof. Maria Popova) 514-398-4400
ext. 089451
Religious Studies (School of)
Graduate Program Director [at] (Prof. Garth Green) 514-398-1446
Administrative Assistant francesca.maniaci [at] (Francesca Maniaci) 514-398-5693
Administrative Coordinator/Officer Luvana.difrancesco [at] (Luvana Di Francesco) 514-398-4125
Russian & Slavic Studies
Graduate Program Director laura.beraha [at] (Prof. Laura Beraha) 514-398-4400
Social Work (School of)
PhD Graduate Program Director jill.hanley [at] (Prof. Jill Hanley) 514-398-4046
Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator olga.harmazy [at] (Olga Harmazy) 514-398-4300
Study of International Development (Institute for the)
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs Philip.oxhorn [at] (Prof. Philip Oxhorn) 514-398-8970
Administrative Coordinator/Officer iain.blair [at] (Iain Blair) 514-398-3509
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs simon.tran [at] (Prof. Simon Tran) 514-398-7203
ext. 09182
Administrative Coordinator/Officer graduate.dentistry [at] (Nidal Ibourk) 514-398-6699
Graduate Studies Officer gradofficer.dentistry [at] (Crystal Noronha) 514-398-7728
Administrative Coordinator/Officer Vanessa.bridgman [at] (Vanessa Bridgman) 514-398-7040
Administrative Coordinator/Officer Allyson.Noftall [at] (Allyson Noftall ) 514-398-7039
Educational & Counselling Psychology
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs jeffrey.derevensky [at] (Prof. Jeffrey Derevensky) 514-398-4249
Administrative Coordinator/Officer samatha.ryan [at] (Samantha Ryan) 514-398-4260
Integrated Studies in Education
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs steven.jordan [at] (Prof.Steven Jordan) 514-398-4279 ext. 094920
Administrative Coordinator/Officer michael.lariviere [at] (Michael Lariviere) 514-398-1591
Kinesiology and Physical Education
Graduate Program Director shane.sweet [at] (Dr. Shane Sweet) 514-398-4184 
ext. 09903
Administrative Coordinator/Officer eileen.leduc [at] (Eileen Leduc) (on leave) 514-398-0302
Administrative Coordinator/Officer Valerie McConnell 5140398-4184, ext. 00518
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs martin.bressani [at] (Prof. Martin Bressani) 514-398-5901
PhD Administrator phd.architecture [at] (Luciana Adoyo) 514-398-6716
Administrative Officer adminoffice.bioeng [at] (Aimée Jabour) 514-398-7138
Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Associate Chair/Director YIXIN.SHAO [at] MCGILL.CA (Prof. Yixin Shao) 514-398-6674
Graduate Program Director LUC.CHOUINARD [at] MCGILL.CA (Prof. Luc Chouinard) 514-398-6446
Chair of Graduate Admissions Committee RONALD.GEHR [at] MCGILL.CA (Prof. Ronald Gehr) 514-398-6861
Graduate Program Coordinator sunchee.wong [at] (Sun Chee Wong) 514-398-6858
Chemical Engineering
Financial Administrator kevin.mitchell [at] (Kevin Mitchell)

ext. 09562

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduate Program Director

odile.liboiron-ladouceur [at] (Prof. Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur)

Administrative Affairs Assistant appointment.ece [at] (Robin Devine) 514-398-4714
Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Program Director francois.barthelat [at] (Prof. )meyer.nahon [at] (F)francois.barthelat [at] (rancois Barthelat) 514-398-2383
Administrative Affairs Assistant apptadmin.mecheng [at] (Ms. Mary Fiorilli) 514-398-6280
Mining and Materials Engineering
Chair/Director george.demopoulos [at] (Prof. George P. Demopoulos) 514-398-2046
Administrative Coordinator/Officer heather.holowathy [at] (Heather Holowathy) 514-398-1048
Urban Planning
Administrative Assistant Paula.Domingues [at] (Paula Domingues) 514-398-4075
McGill School of Environment
Acting Director jaye.ellis [at] (Prof. Jaye Ellis) 514-398-6625
Associate Dean of Research allison.christians [at] (Prof. Allison Christians) 514-398-1223
Research Administrator

gabriel.sales [at] (Gabriel Sales)

ext. 00981
Desautels Faculty of Management
PhD Program Director samer.faraj [at] (Prof. Samer Faraj) 514-398-1531
PhD Program Manager stella.scalia [at] (Stella Scalia) 514-398-4074
Artificial Cells and Organs Research Centre
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs Satya.Prakash [at] (Dr. Satya Prakash) 514-398-3676
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs jason.young2 [at] (Prof. Jason Young) 514-398-2006
Student Affairs Administrator christine.laberge [at] (Christine Laberge) 514-398-2423
Biomedical Engineering
Graduate Program Director louis [at] (Dr. Louis Collins) 514-398-4227
Student Affairs Officer pina.sorrini [at] (Pina Sorrini) 514-398-2866
Cell Biology & Anatomy
Human Resources Administrator [at] (Nancy Brault) 514-398-5156
Communication Sciences and Disorders (School of)
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs linda.polka [at] (Prof. Linda Polka) 514-398-7235
Student Affairs Administrator andreea.mandache [at] (Andreea Mandache) 514-398-5253
Douglas Mental Health University Institute
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs joseph.rochford [at] (Prof. Joseph Rochford) 514-761-6131
ext. 3433
Senior Administrative Coordinator

admincoord.psychiatry [at] (Kazué Narita)

Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs michal.abrahmowicz [at] (Prof. Michal Abrahamowicz) 514-934-1934
ext. 44712
Administrative Coordinator/Officer researchadmin.eboh [at] (Andrew Griffin) 514-398-8412
Family Medicine
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs gillian.bartlett [at] (Prof. Gillian Bartlett) 514-398-7375
ext. 04587
Administrative Coordinator/Officer graduateprograms.fammed [at] (Sherrie Child) 514-398-7375
ext. 0466
Global Health Programs
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs madhukar.pai [at] (Dr. Madhukar Pai) 514-398-5422
Program Manager kristin.hendricks [at] (Kristin Hendricks) 514-398-3545
Human Genetics
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs eric [at] (Dr. Eric Shoubridge) 514-398-3600
Student Affairs Advisor ross.mackay [at] (Ross MacKay) 514-398-4198
Human Resources aec12-hr [at] (AEC12 HR) 514-398-2470
Health and Social Policy (Institute for)
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs daniel.weinstock2 [at] (Prof. Daniel Weinstock) 514-398-2436
Administrative Coordinator admincoord.ihsp [at] (Stephanie Laroche-Pierre) 514-398-1236
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs james.martin [at] (Dr. James Martin) 514-398-3864
ext. 00137
Microbiology and Immunology
Graduate Program Director jacques.archambault2 [at] (Dr. Jacques Archambault) 514-398-3485
Neurology & Neurosurgery
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs edward.ruthazer [at] (Dr. Edward Ruthazer) 514-398-4022
HR Administrative Officer fil.lumia [at] (Fil Lumia) 514-398-8998
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs sonia.semenic [at] (Dr. Sonia Semenic) 514-398-2417
Administrative Coordinator/Officer graduate2.nursing [at] (Ana Carolina Figueiredo Tomaselli) 514-398-4151
Administrative Coordinator/Officer Margie.gabriel [at] (Margie Gabriel) 514-398-4159
Human Resources Administrator [at] (Josie Colubriale) 514-998-5056
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs edith.zorychta [at] (Prof. Edith Zorychta) 514-398-7125
Administrative Coordinator gradstudies.pathology [at] (Hua Ling) 514-398-3045
Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs barbara.hales [at] (D)Bernard.robaire [at] (r. Bernard Robaire) 514-398-3630
Graduate Student Coordinator christina.tremblay [at] (Tina Tremblay) 514-398-4455
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs john.white [at] (D)alvin.shrier [at] (r. Alvin Shrier) 514-398-2272
Administrative Coordinator/Officer rosetta.vasile [at] (Rosetta Vasile ) 514-398-4343
Senior Administrative Coordinator admincoord.psychiatry [at] (Kazue Narita)


Social Studies of Medicine
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs alberto.cambrosio [at] (Prof. Alberto Cambrosio) 514-398-4981
Administrative Coordinator/Officer heike.faerber [at] (Heike Faerber) 514-398-6668
Social and Transcultural Psychiatry (Division of)
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs laurence.kirmayer [at] (Dr. Laurence Kirmayer) 514-398-7302
Administrative Coordinator/Officer consuelo.errazuriz [at] (Consuelo Errazuriz )

ext. 4349

Human Resources Administrator [at] (Adele Tarantino) 514-934-1934
ext. 37258
Schulich School of Music
Music Research and Performance (Schulich School of Music)
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs TBA TBA
Faculty Research Administrator kennedy.kanyangonda [at] (Kennedy Kanyang'onda) 514-398-2060
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 
Administrative & Student Affairs graduateinfo.aos [at] (Manuela Franzo-Whitnell) 514-398-3764
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs Prof. Lauren Chapman 514-398-6431
Administrative Coordinator/Officer drenusha.myha [at] (Drenusha Myha )  
Administrative Officer Ross.commodari [at] (Ross Commodari) 514-398-6938
Computer Science (School of)
Administrative Coordinator/Officer tricia.bernier [at] (Tricia Bernier) 514-398-7071
ext. 0075
Earth & Planetary Sciences
Director of Postdoctoral Affairs don.baker [at] (Prof. Don Baker) 514-398-7485
Administrative Coordinator/Officer anne.kosowski [at] (Anne Kosowski) 514-398-3490
Administrative Assistant marisa.mastroberardino [at] (Marisa Mastroberardino) 514-398-4886
Mathematics and Statistics
Administrative Coordinator/Officer jackie.castreje [at] (Jackie Castreje) 514-398-4400 
ext. 089659
Administrative Coordinator/Manager raffaella.bruno [at] (Raffaella Bruno) 514-398-3801
Graduate Program Director vachon [at] (Prof. T)racy Webb 514-398-6478
Administrative Coordinator/Officer diane.koziol [at] (Diane Koziol) 514-398-6482
Graduate Program Administrator chantale [at] (Chantale Bousquet) 514-398-6124
Redpath Museum
Director hans.larsson [at] MCGILL.CA (Hans Larsson) 514-398-3188
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