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Collaboration for Well-being of McGill Employees

McGill’s central Human Resources department is made up of a number of Centres of Expertise. Within the Centre of Pensions & Benefits, there are quite a few new faces these days. Among them, a new position focused entirely on the well-being of McGill employees.

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Published: 2 May 2019

Healthy Workplace Highlight: Lana Kobeici

Lana Kobeici, Senior Administrative Coordinator in Microbiology and Immunology in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill. Lana has been working at McGill for 3 years. She is a member of the My Healthy Workplace working group and started a meditation group for colleagues every week at lunch time. Read more to discover Lana's tips and strategies to protect and promote her mental health, what she does to turnaround a day when she is feeling rundown.

Published: 1 May 2019

McGill honoured for its ongoing support of Canadian Forces Reservists

Supporting the men and women who serve Canada 

Published: 3 Apr 2019

Negotiation update: AGSEM Unit 1 (Teaching Assistants)

Since our last update, the parties met nine times throughout the Fall term and four times since the beginning of 2019. Each meeting lasted half a day. The discussions on several topics progressed and the parties were able to reach agreements on many articles, namely definitions, grievance and arbitration, union rights and privileges, disciplinary measures and employment files.

Published: 19 Feb 2019

Coming soon – A new two-step sign-in to the Banner system!

Additional security will soon be added to the Banner system requiring a two-step sign-in, using your McGill username, and then your Banner User ID. This will not change how you use Banner once you are signed in; Banner administrative tasks and functions remain the same.

Banner users will receive an email with more detailed instructions along with the go-live date.

Published: 12 Feb 2019

Negotiation update: MCLIU (Course Lecturers/Instructors)

Since the last update, the parties have met for half-day negotiation sessions on December 5 and January 15, 18 and 22. During these meetings, the parties further discussed and exchanged proposals relative to the course allocation clause. This clause has been the subject of many discussions between the parties in recent months, and as of yet the parties remain unable to reach an agreement.

Published: 1 Feb 2019

A Major Revision of Labour Standards

On June 12, 2018, the National Assembly thus adopted An Act to amend the Act respecting labour standards and other legislative provisions mainly to facilitate family-work balance.

The Act respecting labour standards recently went through a major revision. Changes were made to ensure its evolution in pursuit of the following main objectives:

Published: 21 Dec 2018

Benefits Update

Each year, the financial health of the benefit plans is analyzed and the contribution rates paid by plan members and the University are reviewed to ensure the sustainability of the plans. The results of the analysis have been reviewed with the Staff Benefits Advisory Committee (SBAC) and approved by the Human Resources Committee, Board of Governors of McGill University.

Published: 13 Dec 2018

Negotiation update: MCLIU (Course Lecturers/Instructors)

Since the last update, the parties met nine times for half-day negotiation sessions. These meetings were the occasion for the parties to initiate the exchange of proposals to address the issues related to the application of the reserve clause. This clause was the subject of many grievances during the life of the first agreement and is a significant source of disagreement between the parties.

Published: 4 Dec 2018

M1, M2 & M3 Unionization FAQ

Originally published August 13, 2018; last updated April 8, 2019.

McGill University recognizes staff members’ freedom of association, and its position is that this freedom should be exercised in a fully democratic and informed manner.

The following FAQ is intended to provide information for staff seeking to understand how they may be affected by the MUNACA drive to unionize M1, M2 and M3 employees.

Published: 16 Nov 2018

Negotiation update: MCLIU (Course Lecturers/Instructors)

The parties met on Sept. 12, 14, 26 and October 3. They continued discussing the clause on the allocation of courses.

On Sept. 12, the employer raised the issue of the availability of courses to graduate students, a topic that will require further discussions.

As agreed by the parties on Sept. 14, the employer presented a working document that reiterated the objectives of the two parties and suggested possible solutions.

Published: 15 Oct 2018

AGSEM Unit 1 (teaching assistants): Start of negotiations

The parties met on Sept. 17 and Sept. 27, 2018. They shared their respective proposals concerning the renewal of the collective agreement, which expired on June 30, 2018. Each party explained its proposals and a discussion plan for the various articles was established. Discussions around the articles pertaining to the objective of the agreement and to the definitions led to agreements which will be ratified at a subsequent meeting.

Published: 11 Oct 2018

Interim Rules Concerning the Possession and Use of Cannabis at McGill

On October 17th, 2018, the legalization of cannabis in Canada will become official. With this in mind, a workgroup was formed over the summer to create high-level, interim guidelines on how McGill will handle possession and consumption on campus.

These interim guidelines (below) will act as a starting point for more permanent cannabis policies, to be developed through collaboration with key stakeholder groups this Fall.

Published: 4 Oct 2018

MUNACA files six petitions to unionize employee groups

On Wednesday, October 3, Quebec's Tribunal administratif du travail -- the government body that oversees unionization -- notified McGill that MUNACA has filed six petitions to unionize employee groups.

Published: 4 Oct 2018