Contact us

  • MACARTHUR, Melanie

    Administrative Coordinator
    ​514-398-5617 | melanie.macarthur [at]

    Union correspondence, grievances filed with CRT, administrative support to members.

  • DESJARDINS, Francis

    Director, Labour and Employee Relations
    514-398-2295 | francis.desjardins [at]

    Responsible for MUNASA; negotiations with Postdoctoral Fellows.

  • COUTU, Alexandre

    Senior Labour and Employee Relations Advisor
    514-398-7260 | alexandre.coutu [at]

    Responsible for: AGSEM TAs and Invigilators; MCLIU Course Lecturers and Instructors..

  • DAIGNEAULT, Pierre

    Senior Labour and Employee Relations Advisor
    514-398-3423 | pierre.daigneault2 [at]

    Responsible for MUNACA, 

  • GAUTHIER, Denis

    Labour Negotiator
    514-398-7342 | denis.gauthier2 [at]

    Responsible for all negotiations. Spokesperson for the administration.

  • LADHA, Shakir

    Senior Labour and Employee Relations Advisor
    514-398-2297 |shakir.ladha [at] ( )denis.gauthier2 [at] (s)shakir.ladha [at]

    Responsible for SEU Facilities, Residences Food and Dining, Faculty Club, AMURE Research Associates and Research Assistants, AMURE Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • ARNOTT, Amy

    SHARMA, Sharon (On Leave)
    Labour and Employee Relations Advisor:
    514-398-2412 | amy.arnott [at]

    Responsible for: AMUSE non-academic casuals; AMUSE Floor Fellows; SEU Computing Centre; SEU Printing Services; SEU Trades (Downtown); SEU Macdonald (Powerhouse and Trades); SEU Powerhouse (Downtown).