Situation 5

Situation 5. Your parent's (or sponsor's) main residence is in Quebec


Premise: Your parent or sponsor resides in Quebec on a full-time basis.

 Documents Required:

1) Either a Canadian birth certificate OR proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency OR  a certificate of Indian status ORvalid Makivik society card.

2) A copy of a government-issued document validating kinship between you and your parent* or sponsor. (Example: the long form of your birth certificate, Canadian permanent resident landing paper, or a copy of your foreign birth certificate translated into either English or French)

3) Parent/sponsor's proof of Quebec residency. Either a copy of their valid RAMQ-issued Quebec Medicare card OR proof that your parent's or sponsor's main domicile is in Quebec (PDF icon proof of domicile #5).


a) Your parent/sponsor's principal and permanent residence must be in Quebec.
b) Your parent/sponsor is not required to reside in Quebec for a minimum time before you may benefit from Quebec tuition rates.
c) You are not required to reside with your parent/sponsor.
d) You do not have to be a minor to benefit from Quebec resident tuition rates.

* A Legal Guardian recognized by a federal or provincial court is also considered as your parent. 


IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines


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