Student parking permits

The number of parking spaces on the downtown campus is limited.

Students interested in purchasing a permit for the first time must complete and submit the Parking permit eligibility web form. Requests are subject to approval by the manager.

Former Royal Victoria Hospital site (outdoor parking) permits

Parking permits are subject to availability. To determine if you are eligible to purchase a permit, please complete the Parking permit eligibility web form prior to visiting the office. All rates indicated include applicable taxes:

Permit fees can be paid with cash, check, debit or credit card.

Clicking on the image below will open a Google map page showing the location of the exterior parking lot of the former Royal Victoria Hospital.

The Parking & Transportation Services office is located at 3465 Durocher, room 116, and is open from 1pm to 4:30pm only, on weekdays. Students authorized to purchase a permit must provide a proof of enrolment letter each term. Renewals are also subject to availability.

Parking permits for students living in residences

Students living in some downtown campus undergraduate residences may be able to obtain parking on the downtown campus (location is subject to availability). Please submit the Parking permit eligibility web form. Within 2 business days of submitting the form, an email will be sent to you indicating if parking can be provided near your residence. A copy of the lease will be required at the time of purchase.

Students residing in Solin Hall should contact the services coordinator at (514) 398-5131.

Students residing in graduate housing should contact the administrative coordinator for Business Operations and MORE Houses Administration at (514) 398-6050.

Students with disabilities

Please visit the Persons with disabilities web page and click on the 'students' tab for more information.

Macdonald campus permits

Please visit the Macdonald campus parking web page.

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