Please print the form, obtain the appropriate signatures and submit to the Student Affairs Office.

  • The Request for_Course Authorization [pdf] form is mainly used for all course registration permits, special registration permissions, credit limit increases and to add or drop a minor or concentration.
  • When the Minerva Proof of Enrolment letter is not sufficient, students may request a special letter using the Request_for_a_letter [pdf].
  • Students may obtain a letter from Service Point confirming completion of degree requirements before the degree is granted by submitting the “Request for a special letter” form on the Service Point website: In the “Special enrolment letters” section, click on the “undergraduate students” link, and select the appropriate type of letter. (You will need to log in to view the form.) If your graduation approval status on Minerva is “Pending,” the Faculty of Engineering will confirm to Service Point by email that you have met program requirements after you have submitted this form.
  • Registration in 600 level courses
  • Students applying to defer a final exam (second requests or more) will also have to provide further details of their situation on this Deferred Final Exam form.