Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness

Feeling down or in distress? We are here to help.

Local Wellness Advisor (LWA)


Lauren Weber is a trained clinician who is here, embedded within the Faculty to orient and connect you with the appropriate resource both on and off campus for your unique situation. She provides wellness programming to equip you with tools and resources to take charge of your mental health as well as for the faculty on mental health awareness, prevention and early intervention.

Lauren offers regular one-on-one consultations at MESC and now virtually to equip students with the tools and resources to take charge of their mental health and to ensure you are well supported. Lauren is here to ensure you are linked up with the appropriate resource or service to best meet your needs and ensure success. So, do not hesitate to book an appointment or send an e-mail with any questions or concerns! You can book directly by going to the Student Wellness Hub and find out more.

Although our programming is being offered remotely, there are many different things going on daily to help our students stay in touch and work on your diverse wellness needs. Continue to stay tuned for many wellness events, workshops and initiatives by checking the Student Wellness Hub regularly!

Feel free to contact Lauren at lauren.weber2 [at]

Peer support


University support

Mental Health Advocacy and Awareness


Free, 24/7 Access to Mental Health Support

Keep.meSAFE is a mental health counselling service, offered to students in partnership with SSMU and PGSS, that provides 24/7/365 access to licensed counsellors through telephone and mobile chat in over 60 languages. To access this service, download the MySSP app for Apple iOS or Android or call For students in Canada and the US call 1.844.451.9700. For Study Abroad Students call 1.416.380.6578. You can learn more about this service on SSMU's website.

Keep.meSAFE is completely free and unlimited for all of our students.

We understand that these conditions are difficult for our students and we have explored every avenue for continuing to provide whatever services we can. Non-emergency access to healthcare providers may become less accessible for all of us while the pandemic continues.

As always, for questions regarding COVID-19, call the information line at 1 877 644-4545. If you have a medical emergency, you should continue to dial 9-1-1 or go to an emergency room.

For more information and services check out:


The Student Success Project is an initiative supporting undergraduate engineering students in a wide range of both study skills and general wellbeing strategies. Please visit their website for more information!


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