Professor Section

SURE 2018

The submission form for the SURE 2018 positions is now closed.

Please refer to the Summer Undergraduate in Engineering (SURE) memo for full details and instructions.  Questions may be directed to: SURE-Info.Engineering [at]


The Faculty of Engineering is committed to enriching the student experience through undergraduate research opportunities. The SURE program is similar to the NSERC Summer research program, but includes non-Canadian students. 


The deadline to submit your SURE abstracts is December 15, 2017.

  • Projects can be NSERC Eligible if you provide an active NSERC research grant application number.
  • Project abstracts are limited to 250 words maximum.
  • The "Deliverable" should be a ONE sentence statement describing what the student is expected to accomplish at the end of the 4-month period, e.g., ‘a protocol for measuring bacterial cell sizes in waste water samples’.
  • Please send comments or suggestions to: [at] (SURE Email)


  • Multiple projects may be submitted with a maximum of 3 positions per project.
  • Professors may specify if they wish to receive applications from Year 1 and above OR Year 2 and above.
  • Professors are required to describe the research tasks for each project and/or position.
  • Please indicate if it is NSERC USRA eligible.


  • Professor/Supervisor Cost sharing for NSERC USRA is $1,125
  • Professor/Supervisor Cost sharing for Faculty SURE is $2,812.50


Important steps to follow:

  1. Eligible students have been asked to review abstracts on the SURE website and encouraged to communicate with professors prior to applying. This will give supervisors an opportunity to meet and interview potential applicants.
  2. Students can download and fill in the application form for projects which they must submit with a Minerva unofficial transcript (or official paper transcripts if applying from another university) to professors by January 26, 2018.
  3. Professors must complete and submit the Student Ranking Form and associated supporting documents to the McGill Engineering Student Center (FDA 22) by February 2, 2018. A separate form is required for each project.
  4. Award decisions will communicated after February 19, 2018.
  5. Students will have to confirm their acceptance within one week.
  6. The second round will aim to fill any unfilled positions until the end of March.
  7. Please send questions about applications and/or the Professor Ranking Form to: [at] (SURE email)