Lecturing (Non-Academic staff)

Many members of the non-academic staff at the University are teaching part-time in various sectors. The University wishes to encourage qualified staff members to participate in the academic process where possible, subject to the following conditions:

  1. An invitation to lecture in an academic program which takes place during regular working hours may be accepted by a member of the non-academic staff with the permission of the department head and appropriate Vice-Principal.
  2. One of the following salary arrangements should be made after consultation among the three parties concerned:
    1. the staff member receives a joint appointment and divides his/her time accordingly. It is, therefore, part-time academic and part-time non-academic;
    2. the staff member receives the rate of remuneration for academic duties over and above his/her regular salary and must, therefore, make up for the periods lost from his/her regular working hours at some time acceptable to the unit/department head. In those instances in which a staff member is asked to contribute to short-duration, high-intensity courses, e.g., three full days or a full week, special arrangements for making this time up must be made in advance with the department head;
    3. the staff member is paid his/her regular salary and lectures as part of his/her regular working day.

The policy stated above does not concern lecturing by non-academic staff that occurs outside regular working hours. In this case, appropriate arrangements are entirely at the discretion of the staff member and the academic department concerned.

Rev. September 2009