Accidents at work

The University is subject to the Quebec Act respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases, which provides that all accidents sustained by employees during working hours, must be...

Employee assistance program

McGill’s EAP is a free, strictly confidential, personal counseling and referral service for you and your immediate family members....

Non-Academic Staff Engaged in Academic Duties

Non-academic staff, as a consequence of their special expertise, may be asked from time to time to assist in the teaching of undergraduate or graduate students. When non-academic staff are asked to...

Employee relations committee

1. The Committee comprises a maximum of four (4) representatives of the University and four (4) representatives of MUNASA....

Discipline: reprimand, suspension and dismissal for cause (academic staff)

(Extracted from: Regulations, Policies and Guidelines: A Handbook for Academic Teaching Staff) 8.1 "Cause" shall include:

Benefits: contributory benefits coverage

1. Scope 1.1 This policy applies to all regular academic and non-academic employees of the University.