Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering to close for major renovation work, beginning May 15, 2019. Schulich staff members & the collection (i.e. course reserves, reference materials, etc.) have been relocated to the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. For more information, click here.

natalie.waters [at] (Natalie Waters) 514-398-1204
Head Librarian
robert.selby [at] (Robert Selby) 514-398-4409
Library Supervisor, Building Director

Physical Sciences and Engineering Librarians

april.colosimo [at] (April Colosimo) 514-398-4765
Liaison Librarian for Chemistry; Mathematics & Statistics; Physics; McGill Community for Lifelong Learning
nu.lee [at] (NuRee Lee) 514-398-7340
Liaison Librarian for Bioengineering; Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Mining and Materials Engineering
tara.mawhinney [at] (Tara Mawhinney (On leave)) 514-398-4764
Liaison Librarian for Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences; Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics; Mechanical Engineering
jennifer.zhao [at] (Jennifer Zhao) 514-398-1273
Liaison Librarian for Electrical & Computer Engineering; Physical Geography; School of Computer Science

Life Sciences Librarians

jill.boruff [at] (Jill Boruff) 514-398-6272
Liaison Librarian for Clinical Psychology, Communication Sciences & Disorders; Consumer Health; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Psychiatry
francesca.frati [at] (Francesca Frati) 514-398-1277
Liaison Librarian for Nursing; Librarians & Library Staff of McGill Affiliated Health Institutions
genevieve.gore [at] (Genevieve Gore) 514-398-3472
Liaison Librarian for Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Family Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Occupational Health, Pediatrics
andrea.miller-nesbitt [at] (Andrea Miller-Nesbitt) 514-398-1663
Liaison Librarian for Anatomy & Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Genetics, Histology, Human Genetics, Microbiology & Immunology, Paleontology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Physiology
martin.morris [at] (Martin Morris) 514-398-8140
Liaison Librarian for Dentistry, Indigenous Health, Clinical & Health Informatics, Pathology, Geriatrics, Emergency Medicine, Palliative Care, Pathology
andrea.quaiattini [at] (Andrea Quaiattini) 514-398-8087
Post-graduate medicine, Medical Specialties, Medical Education, Indigenous Health
lucille.kiester [at] (Lucy Kiester) 514-398-2526
Undergraduate Medicine

Library Support Staff

rachel.demoskoff [at] (Rachel Demoskoff) 514-398-3778
Document Technician - Interlibrary Loans
francis.ialenti [at] (Francis Ialenti) 514-398-4769
Senior Library Clerk - Circulation Services
laura.kobayashi [at] (Laura Kobayashi) 514-398-4769
Senior Library Clerk - Circulation Services
daniel.lavigne3 [at] (Daniel Lavigne) 514-398-4769
Senior Library Clerk - Circulation Services
geoffrey.marcus [at] (Geoffrey Marcus) 514-398-4769
Senior Library Clerk - Circulation Services
claudia.ruiz [at] (Claudia Ruiz) 514-398-4769
Senior Library Clerk - Circulation Services


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