Ensemble requirements (Voice L.Mus.)

All full-time or part-time students in this program must audition for a large ensemble in the beginning of the school year. Auditions for large and small ensembles are mandatory.

For descriptions of our perennial ensembles and all audition schedules, visit the Ensembles webpages.

Assignments & Requirements

When: Ensemble assignments are made following the auditions, normally in the first week of classes.

How to register: It is each student’s responsibility to ensure they are registered on MINERVA for the ensemble(s) to which they have been assigned.

  • Students are required to complete 12 credits of ensemble.
  • Ensemble transfer credits are not granted.
  • Students who are registered in required practical instruction courses, whether they are full-time or part-time, must concurrently register for an ensemble, even if they have completed the minimum ensemble requirements for their licentiate.
  • “A-” is the minimum passing ensemble grade for students in this program.