Faculty Program; B.Mus. (Major)

The Faculty Program in Music is designed for students who are interested in a pattern of specialization not provided in the established major programs, or who are interested in combining studies in music with studies in other disciplines.

With the approval of a staff adviser, you can design your own program around specific interests or develop programs with a broader base by incorporating courses from other disciplines and faculties.

Minors, double degrees and double majors

Once you're enrolled in this program, you can apply to add a minor in another music field or from another faculty at McGill University.

You can also apply to add a second major or degree to your B.Mus. Faculty program.

Program structure

Brass instruments laying on a table

The B.Mus. Faculty program is made up of 123 credits.


Student Resources

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If you're a new student, check out our orientation guide (link below)!